The educational Institution is called ‘ACEPTT’ that offers the variety of applied courses, training and workshops to the individuals in Pakistan (only Lahore at the moments).

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to give best, conceptual, hands on teaching and training to the learners. We will cater your needs by considering your individual requirements. We also want to establish a friendly learning environment where candidates can learn the skills and improve their knowledge in a zero-stress ambience.


Our Vision: Our vision is to teach and Train candidates who can compete at international platforms with all the important skills and knowledge which are required.


There are five major domains that ACEPTT targets and these are:

  • Medical
  • Information Technology (IT) (i.e, CCNA, CISSP, Networking, Programming languages, etc.,)
  • Languages (i.e. Arabic, Danish, etc.,)
  • General Education Development (GED) (authorized by Prometric Center)
  • Soft Skills (i.e., presentation skills, etc.,)

Besides these, ACEPTT also offers the venue and facilities to the individuals/cooperate to conduct their meetings, seminars and training.


At the moment, we are looking for the basic website which would be more like the informative website about the ACEPTT and the services it offers.


Services Offered

Venue and facilities for the seminars, training, workshops, etc.,

Advanced and Basic professional Courses

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